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Looking for a unique valuable collectible?
Each Goodwill® Niagara store offers customers the opportunity to bid on selected merchandise through a silent auction. Silent Auction items may include antique furniture, china, books, jewelry, musical instruments, artwork and other valuable items or unusual collectibles. If you find an item you like, you can make your bid in the Bidding Book.

Rules for Silent Auction:

1. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that they understand the Auction rules – please ask for assistance if needed.

2. To bid – enter bidding number (different for each store), amount and current date. Incorrect information will result in disqualification from further bidding. It is advisable to ask a staff member to verify your bid.

3. A staff member cannot change a customer's bid. Goodwill Niagara reserves the right to remove incorrect or unreasonable bids. (Examples: wrong increment, wrong date, etc.)

4. The bidder can call the store to check on the status of their bid but the store can not put a new bid on their behalf. Every bid is to be made by the bidder personally.

5. If there is no higher bid for 5 full working days (without counting the day of the bid), the last bidder is the winner and will be contacted on the 6th day.

6. Winning bidders have 3 days to purchase their item or they will be disqualified and the item will be offered to the next bidder. Refusal to purchase an Auction item after winning will result in disqualification from the Auction.

7. All Auction items are sold “As is”. Goodwill does not claim knowledge of or responsibility for the authenticity of the items. Buyers should research and inspect the items for condition and authenticity prior to placing a bid.

8. No discounts apply to Auction items and All sales are final.

9. In special circumstances, Goodwill Niagara reserves the right to remove an item before the bidding is complete.

10. For any concerns please contact the Store Manager.

Goodwill Silent Auction Prizes
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